Frequently asked questions

What is TopdeckCrates?

TopdeckCrates was started with the intention to provide a unique and quality crate with great items from the community to Pokemon players. We wanted to offer a Pokemon box that we would personally buy and made it real. 

Why should I get your crate?

We put our best effort into creating a unique Pokemon subscription box by reaching out to those within the community who are making great things. We hope to one day create a a great platform for those who make our games a little more great.

When can I get your crates?

Crates will be available from the 15th of the previous month until the 14th of the next month (Ex. February 15 - March 14). If you order after the 14th you will receive the next months crate. We often sell out fast so act quickly!

Have any other questions?

Hit the contact us button at the top and we will get back to you as soon as we can!